• Stable v1.10.0 55cfad90a9

    v1.10.0 - custom static files, miscellaneous cleanups

    bss released this 3 months ago | 0 commits to master since this release



    • Static files can now be loaded from a special directory in the instance root, custom-static/, which is served under the /custom-static/ URL. It was always possible to serve static files out of pages/, but this helps separate style and content, for the times that makes sense to people.
    • The styles loadable via the cookie and presented to the user are now configurable; the dictionary can be overridden to add more styles (this may be an obvious use for the above feature) and/or remove undesired ones. This is one more step towards the software being bss-agnostic.


    • werkzeug.security.safe_join is used to resolve pages, it is no less safe than my hand-written method.
    • Some strange decisions around link underlining (I was using bottom borders, what the heck?) have been undone, and the CSS simplified since underlining is the usual case now.


    • Requirements bump; only affects development, but some stuff had to be pinned because safety and tox disagree on deps.
  • Stable v1.9.1 0f19fcb174

    v1.9.1 - fix bad copy and paste job on link stylings

    bss released this 6 months ago | 8 commits to master since this release



    • Accidental collision between footer link stylings and some normal body stylings has been corrected, ul/ol links look like they should again.
  • Stable v1.9.0 f1684a57a9

    v1.9.0 - per-page extra footer support

    bss released this 6 months ago | 9 commits to master since this release



    • The Footer: Markdown meta tag can be used to add extra (HTML-unescaped!) content to the page footer. This is mostly useful for me to add copyright/etc. info on pages, and probably doesn't see much use otherwise.
    • CSS styling to account for the possibility now of the footer having links.


    • Requirements recompile.
  • Stable v1.8.2 21ea24ffa1

    v1.8.2 - header style tweak

    bss released this 10 months ago | 12 commits to master since this release



    • Handful of styling changes to de-emphasize the header in ordinary pages.
  • Stable v1.8.1 724a2240b2

    v1.8.1 - more contributing info, styling return to form

    bss released this 10 months ago | 13 commits to master since this release



    • The styling is a fair bit more like pre-v1.8.0, but with some more whitespace and cleaned up usage of links, as I generally found myself not liking what I did in v1.8.0.


    • CONTRIBUTING.md most notably now has Developer Certificate of Origin-style information in it, contains a bit of a personal oath, and got some miscellaneous cleanups throughout.
    • Requirements bumps.
  • Stable v1.8.0 985bb93839

    v1.8.0 - HTML figure extension, styling changes, improved pydot extension

    bss released this 11 months ago | 21 commits to master since this release



    • A block-level figure extension, incorporealcms.mdx.figures, has been added, with figcaption support, which properly treats figures as block level entities and whose children (e.g. images) don't need to be in other Markdown blocks like paragraph tags.
      • This is in part stemming from my dislike of other attempts at a figure extension, which violate HTML and/or are too specific to images. This should end up being somewhat generic though I haven't tested anything except images yet.


    • incorporealcms.mdx.pydot is less greedy and now supports multiple unique diagrams on one page.
    • incorporealcms.mdx.pydot syntax has been altered in order to be backwards compatible with standard Markdown code fences.
    • Styling tweaks around introduction of figures, removing some old image and figure classes and replacing them with good general purpose figure styling.
    • In the light/dark styles, because of the use of figures and clickable images inside figures, the default underline on links has been removed, replaced with colored red text instead. This is a bit of a "try it and see if it grows on me change"
    • In the light/dark styles, because of the above, headers are now the default color instead of colored red, as they were visually indistinguishable and kind of overwhelming together.
    • Some small padding, line height, etc. tweaks. More negative space overall.


    • Requirements bump, again, affecting some tests.
    • The default python-markdown configuration has been a bit more closely aligned with my usage.
  • Stable v1.7.0 853a58b78b

    v1.7.0 - remove marginal deps, style tweaks

    bss released this 1 year ago | 35 commits to master since this release



    • Removed mdx_linkify dependency, pretty superfluous in the end, just use the <url> syntax.
    • Removed tzlocal dependency, my current id says I want to display things in UTC, though maybe I'll make this a configuration option eventually.
    • "plain" styling made slightly less plain, the <img> floats are now rendered, and the header breadcrumbs and style menu is now spaced in one line as in the other styles.
    • Requirements bumps.
  • Stable v1.6.0 410f96ffb4

    v1.6.0 - AGPLv3+, Python and dependency bumps

    bss released this 1 year ago | 39 commits to master since this release



    • License changed to GNU AGPLv3+. Prior versions, under GPLv2, are still available in the archives.
    • Python 3.10 supported, which caused...
    • Python 3.7 support to be dropped, hence the minor version bump.
    • coverage message about differing options addressed.
    • Some minor organizational tweaks to CONTRIBUTING.md.
  • Stable v1.5.4 9d87aab61b

    v1.5.4 - style tweaks

    bss released this 1 year ago | 43 commits to master since this release



    • Undo the change to the red font in the dark style, as it didn't contrast well on many displays.
  • Stable v1.5.3 35ea94185b

    v1.5.3 - style tweaks

    bss released this 1 year ago | 44 commits to master since this release



    • Provide a 75% max-width class for images I want biggish.
    • Slightly reduce the font size for the stylish styles.
    • Color tweaks to the stylish styles.