• v1.10.0 55cfad90a9

    bss released this 2022-12-31 11:59:05 -06:00 | 16 commits to master since this release



    • Static files can now be loaded from a special directory in the instance root, custom-static/, which is served under the /custom-static/ URL. It was always possible to serve static files out of pages/, but this helps separate style and content, for the times that makes sense to people.
    • The styles loadable via the cookie and presented to the user are now configurable; the dictionary can be overridden to add more styles (this may be an obvious use for the above feature) and/or remove undesired ones. This is one more step towards the software being bss-agnostic.


    • werkzeug.security.safe_join is used to resolve pages, it is no less safe than my hand-written method.
    • Some strange decisions around link underlining (I was using bottom borders, what the heck?) have been undone, and the CSS simplified since underlining is the usual case now.


    • Requirements bump; only affects development, but some stuff had to be pinned because safety and tox disagree on deps.