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Brian S. Stephan edited this page 7 years ago


dr.botzo is intended to be a fairly modular IRC bot. It benefits from Django as a backend for an ORM and some web views (which need to be cleaned up a bit, honestly).


The IRC bot enjoys the following functionality, and more:

  • splitting messages with newlines into multiple messages
  • splitting messages over the line length into multiple messages
  • a somewhat insane recursion/subcommand parser
  • aliases


Modules can include IRC plugins, Django apps, or both.

  • acro
  • choices (going away, see #15)
  • countdown
  • dice
  • dispatch
  • facts
  • gitlab_bot
  • karma
  • markov
  • pi
  • races
  • seen
  • storycraft
  • transform
  • twitter
  • weather

Maybe at some point I'll put them apart into separate packages, but it's at the absolute bottom of my priority list, so right now you get the whole thing.

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