• v3.1.0 39290fb63c

    bss released this 2023-02-19 23:19:04 -06:00 | 29 commits to master since this release


    This is a pretty major update from since I last tagged the repo.


    • Various improvements have been made to handle messages coming in via the discord-irc bridge and to behave relatively the same for that type of message or a normal native IRC message.
      • The code even tried to support Discord-via-Bitlbee at one point, which yielded some different features that are vestiges now, such as...
    • The IRC config is now in the database, which allow(s|ed) for multiple IRC servers configured in one instance, runnable via separate bot processes.
    • The code also tried to support a separate project for Discord bot support, in which it called RPC API methods in the webservice for operations. I've given up on the Discord-native bot idea, but the API remains, as it might be useful.
    • Similarly, the bot attempts to make some Markdown (Discord) to IRC (control code) conversions.
    • History plugin, allowing users to ask what they missed since they were last in the channel. This probably only works on IRC, since it cares about joins and parts. It's also only lightly tested in practice.
    • Ever-important zalgo text is added as a text manipulation.
    • Fact management has a natural language variant over IRC.


    • Weather Underground is no longer free, so the weather plugin uses wttr.in.
    • The pi plugin now maintains a history.
    • Countdown (aka reminder) items can now be named, which can help management of them.
    • Karma keys can be reported on over IRC.


    • Python 2 support dropped, minimum is now 3.8.
    • Version bumps a couple times, Django is now up to 3.2.
    • tox, pytest, and flake8 are all part of the repo now, though the coverage and linter levels are more aspirational right now.
    • Twitter support removed.
    • Cthulhutech dice were removed, old code not worth supporting.
    • Registration/etc. views removed from the website.
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    v3.0.0 Stable

    bss released this 2018-06-04 16:11:19 -05:00 | 133 commits to master since this release

    Major functionality pre-backend rewrite.