Content for my tabletop RPG site (
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Content for my tabletop RPG site,


The site is mostly written in Markdown, and can be edited in whatever text editor you desire. If you make changes, you just need to send me a merge request or Git patch set. I recommend using my Git site to either fork the project or request direct access to my copy of the project, and submit your merge request that way.


The companion software to this repository is my CMS, incorporeal-cms. If you want to run your own version, to see the content how it'd be served, here is the short version of a local setup:

% mkdir
% cd
% virtualenv --python=python3.10 env-py3.10
% source env-py3.10/bin/activate
% pip install -U -f incorporeal-cms[dot]
% mkdir env-py3.10/var
% mkdir env-py3.10/var/incorporealcms-instance
% [copy this repository's files into env-py3.10/var/incorporealcms-instance/]
% FLASK_APP=incorporealcms FLASK_ENV=development flask run -h