dr.botzo, the IRC bot with Django integration.
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dr.botzo --- TODO
Both a reminder to myself and a hint to anyone else who wants to hack around...
* some sort of cron interface (periodic events)
* thinking about removing this, wouldn't crontab + XML-RPC be enough?
* there are a number of places that hardcode event.arguments()[0], these should probably loop
* i'm sitting on this change for now because i think the rewrite to new global handlers will
remove some of the crufty functions that hardcode
* rewrite the help stuff to use docstrings and be intelligent about where docs come from
* more text modification nonsense
* any interesting web service stuff?
* D&D Compendium search?
* obligatory info command
* settle on docstrings: http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0257/
* voice survivor --- track how long users have voice, score them somehow
* Alias: convert to use database, since configparser stuff mangles (lowercases) keys
* put all bot config in the database?
* handle disconnects
* some kind of option whether or not to reconnect
* this includes
FROM SERVER: ERROR :Closing Link: dr_botzo[ayu.incorporeal.org] (Ping timeout)
command: error, source: None, target: Closing Link: dr_botzo[ayu.incorporeal.org] (Ping timeout), arguments: []
* proper logging via logging
* automsg vhost TODO in IrcAdmin
* some command renames:
* !modules -> !modules list
* !load -> !modules load
* !unload -> !modules unload
* use Module.priority() properly in more/all places, or wrap accordingly
* and why did i make it a method!?
the isle of misfit and abandoned TODOs
This is all stuff that seems superceded or unnecessary now
* named pipe to send commands to the bot outside of IRC
[use the XML-RPC interface, creating function sets if you need to.]