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# coding: utf-8
"""Provide pi simulation results to IRC."""
from ircbot.lib import Plugin
from pi.models import PiLog
class Pi(Plugin):
"""Use the Monte Carlo method to simulate pi."""
def start(self):
"""Set up the handlers."""
self.connection.reactor.add_global_regex_handler(['pubmsg', 'privmsg'], r'^!pi$',
self.handle_pi, -20)
super(Pi, self).start()
def stop(self):
"""Tear down handlers."""
self.connection.reactor.remove_global_regex_handler(['pubmsg', 'privmsg'], self.handle_pi)
super(Pi, self).stop()
def handle_pi(self, connection, event, match):
"""Handle the pi command by generating another value and presenting it."""
newest, x, y = PiLog.objects.simulate()
msg = ("({0:.10f}, {1:.10f}) is {2}within the unit circle. π is {5:.10f}. (i:{3:d} p:{4:d})"
"".format(x, y, "" if newest.hit else "not ", newest.total_count_inside,
newest.total_count, newest.value))
return self.bot.reply(event, msg)
plugin = Pi