• v1.8.0 985bb93839

    bss released this 1 year ago | 0 commits to master since this release



    • A block-level figure extension, incorporealcms.mdx.figures, has been added, with figcaption support, which properly treats figures as block level entities and whose children (e.g. images) don't need to be in other Markdown blocks like paragraph tags.
      • This is in part stemming from my dislike of other attempts at a figure extension, which violate HTML and/or are too specific to images. This should end up being somewhat generic though I haven't tested anything except images yet.


    • incorporealcms.mdx.pydot is less greedy and now supports multiple unique diagrams on one page.
    • incorporealcms.mdx.pydot syntax has been altered in order to be backwards compatible with standard Markdown code fences.
    • Styling tweaks around introduction of figures, removing some old image and figure classes and replacing them with good general purpose figure styling.
    • In the light/dark styles, because of the use of figures and clickable images inside figures, the default underline on links has been removed, replaced with colored red text instead. This is a bit of a "try it and see if it grows on me change"
    • In the light/dark styles, because of the above, headers are now the default color instead of colored red, as they were visually indistinguishable and kind of overwhelming together.
    • Some small padding, line height, etc. tweaks. More negative space overall.


    • Requirements bump, again, affecting some tests.
    • The default python-markdown configuration has been a bit more closely aligned with my usage.